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Candy Kittens was founded in 2012, when our founder and Made In Chelsea star, Jamie Laing saw a need for a modern sweet that challenged the confectionery market. After meeting Edward Williams they both set out to create an innovative product that really focused on quality. Since then, the company has been pushing the limits of modern sweet design and creating gluten free and distinctly flavoured treats, made using the best possible natural ingredients.

Candy Kittens' full range of innovative flavours, which were launched in 2014, have set the bar for modern confectionery that champions British taste, quality and style for universal customer appeal. The range, which comes in two sizes (150g and 115g), have a stylish look and feel that captures the new standards of modern consumers growing up in a fashionable world.

Candy Kittens are stocked in supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. We understand that not all of our customers can easily get to their local supermarket. Therefore, we have started a gluten-free sweet subscription service, in which a variety of our Candy Kittens packs are delivered directly to your home or workplace, every month.

As a brand, we pride ourselves on only creating distinct flavours in single flavoured bags. The decision to not mix flavours, is based on our belief that all customers should receive the best tasting sweets. Single flavour bags mean the customer is left with a product that holds flavour and tastes sweeter for longer.

With an emphasis on flavour and packaging, Candy Kittens introduce gourmet sweets that both taste good and look good. We believe that life is too short for boring sweets, so we bring you innovative flavours including Sour Watermelon and our first vegan friendly flavour, Sweet Pineapple, in bright, bold packaging.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a gift, want a sweet treat for a long car trip or want some goodies for that girl’s night in, Candy Kittens is the perfect choice. With modern flavours in the coolest possible packaging, these sweets won’t disappoint.

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